Brookie Guzder-Williams

Senior Data Scientist
Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center for Data Science & Environment
Core Team
Brookie Guzder-Williams

Brookie Guzder-Williams is an environmental data science researcher leveraging satellite imagery and neural networks to better understand stresses on the earth’s natural resources. His research is focused on designing, training, analyzing and deploying novel neural network architectures for global scale computer vision tasks.

He comes to the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center for Data Science and Environment at Berkeley from World Resources Institute where he served as Director of Data Science. Brookie’s background is theoretical physics. He was an International Postdoctoral Fellow for the National Science Foundation, has a Ph.D. in String Theory from the University of California Santa Barbara, and an undergraduate degree in both Physics and Mathematics from the University of Colorado.

Recent News

Sather Gate

Meet the new team

We are thrilled to welcome the team that will be driving our programs, data, and engineering at the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center for Data Science and Environment (DSE)!

Each individual brings great talent, expertise and a passion for our mission. We are excited to have them onboard to design and implement open tools and data critical to improving the wellbeing of our planet and our communities.

As we move forward, we will work openly and share new findings, prototypes, and more, so stay tuned!

May 29, 2023